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    Laptop suddenly shutdown

    I recently bought ASUS r501jx..I am facing a problem in it..My Laptop suddenly shutdown without giving warning even when it is plugged in. when I press the power button just after shutdown it starts at the same where I left it. Some times it shows low battery notification like 7% when it is more...
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    Laptop Not charging.

    My laptop's model is HP Compaq 6710b running Windows 10 pro. My laptop was running fine just a few days earlier.Suddenly I had trouble charging.I had to bend the charger to charge it, then I placed a support like a case,my dongle etc.under the charger so that it could charge.But now even that...
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    when full charged battery,plugged in laptop it shows 8% decrements.

    I removed battery from laptop after full charge but after 12hrs. I plugged it again and I saw it reduce 8% .what does that mean? is it possible or it is any software issue of laptop which not showing exact battery level?
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    i have a lenovo laptop with windows 10

    at 56% it shows that it is not charging i.e not fully charging i will be glad if you solve my above problem Regards, Ayush