Nov 25, 2015
My laptop's model is HP Compaq 6710b running Windows 10 pro.
My laptop was running fine just a few days earlier.Suddenly I had trouble charging.I had to bend the charger to charge it, then I placed a support like a case,my dongle etc.under the charger so that it could charge.But now even that isn't working.My first thought was that my charger's lead had been worn down as I had been travelling a lot.So I went to the shop for a new adapter.But it did not work.
When I went to the service center they checked the charger and it was displaying 19 A current.So he said that there was no problem with that.He said that the pins of the ports and the charger socket were perfectly tight and so the problem should be with the motherboard which had probably been short-circuited.He will open my laptop tomorrow to check for the problem.
What I needed to tell was that the laptop runs fine on battery power but the battery does not charge.But there is no problem with the battery as well as he checked it on another laptop.So could there be any problem with the motherboard? And if yes then how is the laptop running on battery power and that too without any problem.And does the entire motherboard have to be replaced for it?
[UPDATE]My motherboard's transistor were blown off due to pulling out the charger rather forcefully.However. after that it had to go through another power button replacement and a cell replacement due to the technician's fault.However after that my quick launch buttons have stopped functioning in the sense that no light glows when I pass my finger over them and no function is performed.How can I repair it?
Depends on what the tech finds out as to whether or not you will need a motherboard replacement. The power jack doesn't have to necessarily be loose to have the solder broken. It could be a simple re-solder repair, but again, there's no way to assume what the problem could be. Running fine on battery has nothing to do with the connection between the charger/ power jack / power to the board issue.