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  1. Jesse Knott

    Question Acer BIOS Second advanced tab

    I was in the past able to boot into the advanced mode on my bios. The extended "Second" Advanced tab that is. I later rebooted into bios and it no longer has the option for the second advanced tab. Here's my problem. I have VT-x and VT-d enabled in the first "Basic" advanced tab, but windows...
  2. A

    Question Can the webcam be enabled by hackers even though it's disabled in the UEFI BIOS?

    I have disabled the webcam in the UEFI Firmware Settings which meant no apps could turn on the webcam. Can hackers still turn on the webcam even though it's disabled in the UEFI Firmware Settings.
  3. J

    the hard disk is disabled when connecting media to format pc bios uefi

    When trying to format my PC I connect the DVD or USB drive and restart it, but it only takes the DVD or pendrive, and the hard disk is disabled, then I remove the media restart and the hard disk is enabled again, and try disabling the secure boot also CMS support in enable, help please.