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  1. L

    Question Lenovo IdeaPad S340 Black Screen

    Hello all, Black screen issue (after splash), I’m afraid. No problems connecting to external monitor. Able to play around in pre-login advanced settings through F8. Able to access safe mode (although I can’t log in due to a separate windows password issue). I’ve tried un- and then...
  2. Philbert24

    Question ASUS Blackscreen

    Dear admins, I’d like to seek your professional help with my asus laptop. I’ve read your previous threads regarding this issue but none of them work. It happens right after i restarted my laptop as i’m unable to open photoshop and its stuck at the loading screen “ASUS in search of incredible”...
  3. junior31210

    Question Laptop screen turns black when booting into windows 10

    Hello guys nice to meet y'all, I got a Toshiba Qosmio X70-B-102 Laptop, i bought it around 2013 and it worked perfectly ever since. Until last year october, that is, when a new windows 10 update was released. I installed the update, and it began: bluescreens, everywhere. Sometimes the laptop...
  4. M

    Toshiba Laptop Black Screen After Logo

    I'm running Windows 8. The black screen is happening after the logo appears so I know it's not the display that is broken. I plugged it in to my external monitor and everything works fine too, so probably not the HD?..right? lol No clue. I've only tried taking the battery out and powering...