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    Solved! In VLC Media Player, Why Does the Video Go Blurry if I Pause and Move Frame-By-Frame Too Many Times?

    Hi everyone. I have a question related to the VLC Media Player. When you pause a video being played with the VLC Media Player you can move ahead one frame at a time by pressing the “E” key on your keyboard. The thing is, after pressing the “E” key to move ahead one frame at a time, the video...
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    movie maker makes video blurry

    I wanted to do a speedpaint, and I used screencast-o-matic to record myself while I drew. I watched the recordings and they were clear, but when I uploaded them to windows live movie maker, the quality bad and everything appears blurry. It was an mp4 and i was about 15 minutes long
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    Blurry Samsung 55" LED

    My parents are in assisted living and the only TV connection available is by coaxial cable. The TV is so blurry that it is driving my father crazy. The assisted living facility suggested setting it the TV to Cable Analog. I can't find this setting and I thought all broadcasts were in digital...