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  1. Z

    Surface Book Heating Issue

    So this has happened twice now and it's concerning me. I have a surface book i5 with the gpu, and twice in the last week I've closed the lid to put it to sleep, put it into a carrying case, and went off to school. Today and the time before when I took it out of the bag a few hours later the...
  2. R

    Samsung 350v5c does not boot

    Hi there, my laptop will not boot. I press the power button, light comes on. Fan will start. It does not appear to do a POST. Screen stays absolutely black. I cannot get into the BIOS. There is no output from the HDMI so I am assuming the screen is OK. I have swapped the memory about and it...
  3. HR_Luka

    Computer Immunization in MBR (Master Boot Record)

    Hello, recently I've heard there is a way to "immunize" my PC from Boot-Up viruses. I've been looking for it all over the Internet but couldn't find anything. Any link to this application/routine is helpful or you can post how to do it. Thank you! Regards, Luka