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  1. F

    Question Help needed - Macintosh HD partition inaccessible after resizing Bootcamp partition

    Hello everyone, Recently, I decided to do a clean install on my MacBook Pro. To preserve my system, I cloned everything (macOS + Bootcamp Windows) onto an external hard drive. Using this external drive, I was able to boot directly into my old system and access all of my files without any...
  2. Scarlette Rose

    Can you play Elsword on a Mac using Bootcamp?

    So, my soulmate's old laptop broke and he wants to play Elsword using a Mac running Windows via Bootcamp. He's downloading Bootcamp right now, but he wants to know if it's safe to play Elsword on it. Will it cause his Mac to overwork itself? It's a pretty old game, here are the min reqs...
  3. A

    I mean it aint a laptop, but man did i screw up. Please help me fix it

    Well this is hilarious. Im going to kinda write it like i was in r:tifu. So heres my setup -imac early 2013 21.5 inch -hard drive previously i had took out of my old laptop that had windows ten. The power connector fried there and i couldn't get it to work a gain so i took out the hard drive...