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  1. H

    Wait for Skylake or just buy now?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on buying a laptop now (considering T450s) or waiting for Skylake to be released for laptops seeing that Computex has just passed? I'm really looking for a boost in both battery life and performance. However I've read that the boost...
  2. alme55

    defective Dell XPS 13 laptop

    So i bought a new dell xps 13 (2015) for school, i got the i3 version (i3-5010U @ 2.1Ghz) since it was in my budget and is really mobile. it felt really sluggish out the box so i installed cpu-z and noticed the clock speed was not going over 600Mhz even in a prime95 test and an intel extreme...
  3. alme55

    cpu core speed stuck at 600MHz

    I just purchased a Dell XPS 13 (2015) from dells website, the base model, i3-5010U @ 2.1GHz, 4gb ram. When i recieved it, it was horribly slow out the box, it takes about 15-20 seconds to open and load web pages and about the same to open folders and even longer to open applications upwards of...
  4. apiltch

    5 Reasons to Care About Intel's Broadwell CPUs

    The leading chipmaker has introduced its 5th generation Core processing platform. Here's what it means for you. 5 Reasons to Care About Intel's Broadwell CPUs : Read more
  5. Nadav Erez

    Buy Haswell or wait for Broadwell?

    I am going to buy a laptop for school, and need 6< hours of battery life, and I am also on a budget of 550$ max.Optimal screen size is 14", second choice 13.3" and third choice 15.6". Performance isn't an issue, as I am just going to be writing documents and browsing the web- I will be doing...
  6. David 617

    To Purchase or to Wait

    Hey, I'm a developer/gamer and I use my laptop heavily. My current specs are: i7-2820QM 16gb ram 120gb ssd / 500gb hdd nvidia 540m The gpu is starting to show its age and I want to buy a new laptop to play watch dogs and gta5 (if it ever comes out on I am hesitant to spend +$2000 on a...