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  1. J

    I need help with a 'broken' speaker

    Dear users, Last year my dad passed away and I inherited his amplifier (Denon AVR-1801) and speakers.(Magnat Collection 99). A week ago I tried connecting my electric guitar to the amplifier to see how it sounded, but when I finished playing I accidentally stood on my distortion pedal, which...
  2. T

    Lenovo Thinkpad 2 Tablet wont boot/charge

    20+ not used Lenovo Thinkpad 2 Tablets with win 8 on them refuse to boot/charge Tried plugging them in and holding power then taking it out, tried paper clips in the hole to reset and also tried to connect it to a pc witch did not recognise it as a device. Any help is appreciated in getting...
  3. J

    Laptop DVDs drive problems! Plz help!

    Ok so I have a dell Inspiron 15 3521, and early today I broke the dvd drive , don't ask how, anyways I pulled the dvd drive out of the laptop, made sure not to damage anything, but once I got the dvd drive out I had to mangle it all up to get the dvd out of it, now when I start my laptop it just...
  4. M

    my galaxy tablet has frozen completely and I can't do anything at all anyone know how to fix it??

    My niece was playing on my tab said she exited temple run and it completely froze wont turn off just keeps showing the same screen plz help
  5. Atreyix

    Lenovo Y510p Backlit Keyboard.. Not working?

    So, I just received my new Y510p laptop, and the back light of the keyboard doesn't work. I try the function key shortcut and it doesn't work(Fn + Spacebar). Am I missing something? Or did I get ripped?
  6. BrainY

    AT&T: HTC VIVID - Sound profiles don't want to save settings

    Dear freaks and geeks, I have a HTC VIVID and my sound profiles on my vivid do not want to save. I configured my silent profile that it can only vibrate and when I press ok.. and go back to it. It is back on normal settings. Also when I text... I turned off the vibration when you type.. and...