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  1. SaturnSolar

    Question My Lenovo TB-7304I stuck on the logo screen

    Hello. One day, I opened my lenovo TB-7304I and it stuck on the logo after the startup animation. I wonder what's wrong. I looked up the internet on how to fix it but none of them. I tried pressing the power key and the volume up button at the same time and same thing happened. I tried pressing...
  2. H

    Question JBL Flip 4 stopped working

    So when i first bought the speaker it worked perfectly, up until now. It just suddenly stopped working. So i turned it off and on again. Usually the startsound is about 4 seconds long, but after about 2 seconds there is a crack and won´t continue playing. This happens everytime i turn it on...
  3. StrickOut

    Question Well I'm back again with another G7 One Problem. No videos play.

    Welp, looks like my LG G7 One still isnt fixed since i've got more problems with it. 1. Phone intermittently shuts itself down, but ONLY when slept • After my prior problem was fixed, I started using my phone again like normal, and very quickly noticed that quite often...
  4. StrickOut

    Solved! LG G7 One: Black Screen, Full Charge, Not responding to forced reset

    My G7 One was stuck on the LG boot logo for about a minute or so. After it booted into my lock screen i used the phone like normal and slept it for about 10 minutes, pressed the power button to wake it, nothing, completely unresponsive. Only solution ive seen online is to press Volume down and...
  5. PS3Owner2019

    Question PS3 Internet Nat Type 3

    Hellppppp Can somebody tell me why my ps3 wont connect connect to my mobile hotspot and has Nat type 3 on my normal internet-wifi i have tried lan internet same thing,but theres nothing wrong with the internet...My ps3 used to connect to the same hotspot like 2weeks ago and now it cant it just...