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  1. C-userT_T

    i3-6100u to replace Pentium E6700

    Hi, I have an old Pentium E6700 (3GB RAM) using it basically for web browsing as well as making digital works with Photoshop. I thought it's time for me to move from desktop to laptop. I have my eyes on a low budget i3-6100u (4GB RAM) I may upgrade it to 8GB. No SSD. Would an Intel Core...
  2. R

    laptop choice for school(engineering and business) and watching videos

    hi. I am starting school in afew months time and would like to buy a notebook for it. I do not plan to game on it since i have a pc at home. However, i would like to watch videos on it. I am currently looking at the surface book since it can be used as a tablet and has a good display. However i...
  3. artiny

    Why is slow and have low performance my notebook in netbrowsing?

    Lenovo S205 I tired with W8 before W7 and Ubuntu,... Mine is very slow in webrowsing, the reaction time is delayed and annoying surf on the Web.... I tried with Chrome,IE11,Firefox....The netbook cpu usage is only 26%, 1,6 GB ram usage of 6GB. (E350,250HDD,6gb ram) -I have installed all...
  4. prudhvirazz

    Budget Laptop just for browsing and watching movies

    Hi friends, My dell studio just expired. So I am lookig for a budget laptop just for browsing and watching movies. very rarely I work on excel and word. Please suggest me a cheap laptop. As cheap as possible. I will be buying a Gaming PC in the coming month or so. but anyway I need a laptop...