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  1. M

    My PC is frequently getting BSOD during different activities

    My new gaming PC is now frequently getting BSOD and I'm not sure what is causing it. It first occurred when I was playing Black Ops4 and I turned on the Windows game bar, which started to turn itself on and off, disturbing the game. I hit the Windows key and turned off the Computer. When I...
  2. shresthabijay26

    Question Laptop freezes completely for 3-4 sec and BSOD shows up

    When I play games, the screen completely stops doing anything. Its doesnt just hang. Every process goes to halt. BSOD comes frequently. When I open Task manager immediately, it shows 100% processor usage and 0% disk usage usually. I have done all tests provided by laptop. I have done ram test...
  3. L

    Question Need help with BSOD error STORAGE_EXCEPTION

    I have a BSOD issue with my laptop (Dell XPS 15 9550). It blue screens and gives me an error which varies between unexpected_storage_exception and another error(forgot what it was haven't gotten it in a while). For a while it happened whenever, but now it has stopped blue screening whenever I...