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  1. G

    How Display evolution of my thread in c#

    Hi, once again forgive my mistakes in english. I'm trouble, i want to know how can i display evolution of my asynchronous task using ThreadPool or simple Thead. Someone can Help me???!!!!
  2. G

    Rdp, connects a specifi user

    Hey, I want to write a c# program that runs a loop 5 times. In that loop there will be the cmd mstsc.exe <user> <password> <starting function> meaning connecting 5 remote sessions and fire up a starting function in each of them as specified. I couldn't see such an option in the mstsc.exe...
  3. G

    How to identify if system is a server or workstation

    Hello, how do i get a C# code to differentiate between the server and a workstation
  4. blackwidow_rsa

    C# number sizes 8, 16, 32 etc bits

    well my question is whether 8bit or 16bit takes less space than 32 bit ints? technically they should but with 32bit processor does the size increase automatically to 32bits or do they stay the same (8 or 16)? sorry if this sounds stupid, but i just started on C# at college and did some java...
  5. H

    How can I control the microphone gain from PPC with my C# ..

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi all, this is a very frequently asked question in the web. Is there anybody who can provide me (us) an answer. It must be possible, some apps like resco audio recorder uses this feature. Thankx, Holger