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  1. B

    Question Sony a80J Calibration

    I read with interest Tom's review of the beautiful Sony A80J. I have an i1 Display Pro and an earlier version of Calman so I'm in the process of purchasing the Calman dedicated to the Sony Bravia. In the review you mention that certain automatic features (such as "Auto Picture Mode") are...
  2. D

    Yellow color issue with Polaroid Chromecast TV

    Hello! I've been a huge fan of chromecast since it came out, and my last LED TV's backlight died (over 4 years old), so when I saw this tv on sale I bought it right away ( The price of a 4k chromecast...
  3. CmdrJeffSinclair

    Surround Sound Quiet Speakers

    Hi there, 3 of my 5 5.1 channel surround speakers are very quiet while the other 2 are as loud as I set them to be via Windows. Just curious how to fix this issue. --Device: Logitech Z506 5.1 channel (PC) surround sound system (5 satellites + subwoofer) --Audio Driver: AMD HDMI Audio --Windows...
  4. A

    How to Calibrate a Drone's Compass

    A very important, but often overlooked, step in flying a drone is to calibrate the drone’s compass each time that you fly. This is especially important if you bring the drone to a new location to fly. To be safe and prevent a fly-away, complete the calibration process every time you put the...
  5. varun706

    My battery's going to die, Please help me.

    Hi all, I'm worried about my laptop's battery. It's been only three months since I got this laptop and my wear levels are sky high. I use BatteryCare and found my battery wear level to be at 9% this January. Now the app is not showing the wear levels. My total battery capacity has reduced a...
  6. Johan1321

    My battery's wear level too high, calibration doesn't help

    I have a netbook (Acer Aspire One ZG5) with the original battery in good condition. Software that displays battery information (such as Battery Saver and upower) shows that the battery's wear-level is 28%, but in reality it is not that high. I can start from 100% and run the battery down. After...