My battery's going to die, Please help me.


Apr 26, 2011
Hi all,

I'm worried about my laptop's battery. It's been only three months since I got this laptop and my wear levels are sky high. I use BatteryCare and found my battery wear level to be at 9% this January. Now the app is not showing the wear levels. My total battery capacity has reduced a lot.
I did recalibration the day before yesterday. it was working fine yesterday. Right now I charged my
battery and noticed it saying " 88%available(plugged in, not charging). Even BatteryCare is saying that laptop is fully charged.

I do game a lot and I plug it in most of the time while gaming, but this is insane. There's just too much battery wear. What can I do that would ensure my battery serves me longer????

Is there anything I can do to fully charge it to a 100%???

Please help me, and on the side note: I'm having a Lenovo Ideapad Z500 and it has non removable battery.

Thanks in advance for the help


If only a few months old, contact Lenovo and ask for a replacement, should get a year or more before a battery stops charging to 100%.

If using laptop mostly on mains, remove the battery when not in use and charge it every couple of months, but keep it above 10%.