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    SanDisk SDXC card failure rate

    Hello, I'm curious to know if anyone has ever had a Sandisk 10 class SDXC card fail on them and if so how often do they fail? I'm asking because I use them to film in my canon cameras and someone advised me filming to two cards simultaneously to backup my recording in case a card fails but...
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    External Gpu express card problem, no Mini PCIE, USB 3.0

    Hi Everybody, I'm an Italian Guy from Turin. There are some problem with my external graphic card adaptor. I've bought a Pci express card riser 1x 16x whith Usb 3.0, but i can't use express card or mini pci-e, because i haven't an express card slot or i can't reach the wireless card. It's under...
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    New Sound Card for Tiamat 7.1 or New Headphones??

    I currently own the Asus Xonar DS sound card and the 7.1 on my Razer Tiamat sounds weird and echos a lot. I am not sure if that is just my sound card or just the true 7.1 surround sound, the stereo mode works fine and the quality is very good. Instead i was thinking about buying new closed...
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    MSI Afterburner overclock help?

    Hi guys, So I'm not sure if this was the right place to put my thread, but I was having some trouble using MSI Afterburner. I have a GTX 680 reference card, and I used MSI Afterburner to set power limit to 132%, core clock to +125 and memory clock to +375. So my question to you guys is: Is...
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    Which Laptop would be more bang for my buck?

    Im choosing between this ASUS and this Leveno I want to know which one will get better performance. Graphics wise and General...
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    Is this Laptop good for gaming

    Im looking at the ACER E1 571 (With no G At the end). The laptop looks quite good but I want your opinions, I want this laptop for gaming and I also would like to run games such as COD, the laptop is the i5 Model and can be found here...
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    I have a card problem !

    I have the Canon T3 and a card problem. When i want to take a picture or video i get this error : Cannot create folder I did try to change my card but it wont work . Pleas help me !!?