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    I need a laptop for university

    This september i'm heading up to University to study CGI/VFX I need to find myself a laptop that can use and render with programs such as Maya, Zbrush and Nuke, my budget is around £1000, What would you guys reccomend?
  2. C

    what cgi apps to ues with windows 8

    what biginer cgi apps should i use with windows 8
  3. D

    what software can i use for FIRE, DESTRUCTION simulator for 3d animation ?

    anyone please help i really need these.. im just starting in 3d animation ? whats the software for fire and destruction simulation like for breaking buildings wall like the movie avengers.. and where can i buy and download it ? please answer thanks !
  4. B

    Www 192 168 33 1 guestnetwork cgi

    Can you please help me with the password for Cisco Connect.
  5. M

    Perl language - Arrays problem

    Hi all, I've been coding PERL for a moment but I've come to a wall. My program is supposed to read an array, and report every element on it's line, one for each element. The thing is that the same coding acts differently in the terminal and in the logged file. Here's a sample: #!/usr/bin/perl...
  6. K

    Compare each char in multiple files in perl

  7. L

    Perl Project

    Hello, here is what I have to do, did most of it but stuck on updating the file. Write a program that will keep track of expense information in a file. The file is the expenses.txt file that can be found in this folder The user of the application should be allowed to: * · Update...
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    CGI that Says Goodbye to the Uncanny Valley

    Emily doesn't believe in the Uncanny Valley. CGI that Says Goodbye to the Uncanny Valley : Read more
  9. Marcus Yam

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The CGI Trailer

    Ezio is back. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The CGI Trailer : Read more
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    Convert c to cgi

    How can i convert .c file in .cgi file?
  11. B

    What are the best Perl forums?

    what perl forums would you recommend?
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    CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone could make me a recommendation of software for use in CGI (specifically creating CGI adverts). Any information would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance..
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    Convert .CGI files

    I have downloaded some audio files that stated they were mp3, but upon looking at them they have .cgi format. I would like to convert them to wav so I can burn them and listen to them on my stereo. Can anyone suggest a free program or demo program that can do the conversion.