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  1. D

    Can you change gpu in laptop hp omen 17 - w105no model?

    Hello guys, I would like to know if this laptop offers the ability to change or replace gpu. Thanks
  2. M

    LENOVO G-40 30 Boot logo (LENOVO with the small rotating dots) what first appears when i boot up

    Hi i would like to put my own image instead of that boring LENOVO boot picture... (I have Tried 8OOT LOGO CHANGER, but it does nothing) Please advise; thanks :)
  3. XAKEP

    How to change email yet save everything .....

    Hi guys, for many years sinse gmail was an invite system I was using it and honestly I wasn't really thinking about name so much so I did first came to my mind and like 16 or so years later I want to change it. You can imagine how much stuff is on it. First thing android account. All my...
  4. SaltyWetTheorist

    Help with resolution! Win8-Win7

    I got an Asus laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed and I've upgraded it to Windows 8.1. I've been encountering lots of problems since. I decided to change it to Windows 7 but I got some things I wanted to know first. My screen resolution is 1366x768. Will the Windows 7 resolution be the same or...
  5. The Stealthinator

    IE tabs colour

    When the tabs in IE change colour, what does that mean?