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  1. Skibidi

    Question Laptop stops charging as soon as i launch a game

    i have been using this ASUS ROG gaming lap (1050Ti, 8gb ram ) for like 3-4 years now. It worked fine untill last november. The problem im having right now is, my lap is fully charged and is plugged in, i launch a game (valorant in this case), and suddenly the charging stops and starts again...
  2. Ramon3

    Solved! Laptop keeps changing bw charging and not charging when heavy gaming..

    Hi, i have a MSI GE63 7RF, its a fairly powerful laptop, So couple of months back i updated my Nvidia Geforce Driver directly from the site(as i normally do). Ever since the update, during gaming the laptop keeps switching from AC to Battery constantly, so suppose im in the game, the fps drops...
  3. RegisZDB

    Solved! How can I fix my alienware 17r3s overheating/charger problems?

    My laptop has 3 problems that might be linked but all of them need to be resolved. Problem 1/2 the laptop overheats when playing high performance games, and playing a high performance game causes my laptop to stop charging. Whenever I try to play games on PC that are high performance like...
  4. M

    Can I use a 90W charger instead of a 65W one?

    My lenovo Ideapad 310-15ISK was working fine at first but after a while it started having problems charging when running programs which used NVIDIA graphics card instead of the Intel one, originally it came with a 65W AC adapter, but I've heard it could run better with a 90W one, can I...
  5. S

    Laptop lags while playing games when plugged in

    Hey guys, I have noticed that the laptop lags while playing games when plugged in. But when I play the same games on battery, they run just fine. Anyone faced this problem before? How do I stop this from happening? Model- Lenovo G505 (59-380131) cpu- apu A10-5750m gpu- HD8570m