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    Any americans that can link me to a laptop store (I'm travelling to US from europe in couple of months)

    Hello, I will be travelling to US in couple of months and want to know if you can tell me names of some laptop stores that sell gaming laptops, so I can buy a gaming laptop there because it's much cheaper than in europe. Thanks
  2. U

    Which of the following two is a better option for video editing?

    Sorry I might be posting in the wrong category(I just joined) but I need a laptop for video editing, 3d modeling and graphics designing, I have two options: (a) HP Envy 15 ae132tx Specs: (b) An ugraded Dell Inspiron 157559 Specs...
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    GT 940m 2gb vs GT 940m 4gb

    I am getting a laptop for mainly playing CSGO and other not high demanding games. I have already sweep through the tech part of the mall and have found 2 laptop that are the best for me. Specs : I7-5500u 940m 2gb 4gb ram (going to upgrade to 8) 1tb hard drive Specs: I5-6200u 940m 4gb 8gb ram...
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    Existential dilemma between two laptops (PLEASE help me people)

    Hi, newbie here :) looks like a great site. I'll start with a difficult dilemma (at least for me, I don't know shi* about this). I'm between these two laptop models, same price, same overall specs, differences: · Acer Aspire E5-571G CPU - Intel Core i5-5200U (2 cores, 2.2GHz (2.7GHz with...
  5. D

    New dell Inspiron or Asus??

    I can't seem to decide between these two laptops, especially them being the same price. The dell seems like it has more bang for the buck having a graphics card with 4gb and being ddr5, but the Asus has the i7 and a lighter weight.... I need opinions on which you believe would be a better...
  6. H

    Choose a Laptop?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a laptop for college and am stuck on a few choices. Since I have a gaming desktop, I really just want a laptop that can play low to mid graphic games and watch videos on, ect. I also want something that looks nice and doesn't weigh a ton. Are any of these good...
  7. P

    I need help choosing between laptops

    I'm looking at 2 gaming ultrabook laptops and need help deciding which one the choose. I will mostly be using my laptop for gaming as well as working. The MSI Ghost Gs60 and The Acer Aspire V15 Black Nitro Edition Things I'm looking at are looks, feel, and performance. Thank you in advance
  8. FredJr

    Smartphone help please!

    I currently have a S3 and want to upgrade. Should I purchase the S5 OR S3?