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  1. Arom_pd

    Solved! Lenovo legion y520 wont start after cleaning..

    Hi, I cleaned my laptop yesterday following every steps carefully without any missteps except for a flat cable that I broke trying to replug it to the mother bord while remounting the laptot. Ive seen on the net that this flat cable was linked to the keyboard. It was one of the last ones...
  2. X

    HELP! Audio on custom PC is messed up after cleaning

    I was cleaning my PC out with compressed air at first. Then I turned it back on. My speakers (connected to mobo) played some weird white noise. I tried my hyperx cloud 1 on my case audio jack and it played white noise also. Whenever I move my mouse the white noise audio also changes for some...
  3. FrozenToothpaste

    How to clean laptop fan?

    My laptop runs very slow, it also makes sound so I'm pretty sure this means it's dirty. I unscrewed everything, unplugged battery but can't still open it. How do I open it to access the fan? Also I don't have a compressed air can, can I just clean it with only a toothbrush? Or a paintbrush?
  4. ilovechem

    Laptop Cleaning and Maintenance

    Any idea guys how to remove the Black Spots
  5. E

    Display Cleaning Products

    Hey guys I am in a bit of a pickle I cant find a good display cleaning product that is NON-Alcoholic. Since I work in a facility that redistricts alcoholic products i need a solution that doesn't have alcohol in it. Any suggestions? Thanks Elliot
  6. V

    LAPTOP still slow after cleaning laptop

    My laptop is still slow after gave it to a computer expert for cleaning.:( Any solutions would be very helpful. :)
  7. V

    How to clean dust out of the vaio laptop ?

    So i have this complicated laptop . I cannot find fan , and i want to know how to clean it ?
  8. ashnagar

    Air duster on Acer Aspire V5-571 (dont rem the number really...sorry) ultrabook? lemme know and please help asap THX...

    hiall i have no idea if this is the right forum topic to post this under but...its a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION I HAVE TO KNOW ASAP... i jus bought an air duster as advised online...but what i dont know is (are)... 1. how to properly use the air duster so i dont end up harming my newly bought...