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  1. B

    Question Where to buy Clevo laptops in EU

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a Clevo laptop with 12th gen intel core but no matter if they don't have it placed online already. Maybe they will soon have new cores. Looking specifically in Germany but any EU country will do.
  2. T

    Question Clevo P775 TM1G upgrade question (gtx 1080 > RTX 2080)

    So I managed to get 2 of these laptops but I figure I take some parts of the stronger one (rtx 2080 , i9 9900K) to replace the older one (GTX 1080, I7 8700K) since I have programs and data installed on that. Just wondering how easy is it to replace these? I heard that this particular model is...
  3. Toscano371

    Question Please help on Stripped Screw - Clevo P775dm3-G

    Hi guys, Please help with a tutorial, guidance or video (whatever guidance works). Trying to clean my custom built Clevo P775dm3-g, but one of the screws is completely stripped. Reached the point of using a screw extractor but at this rate I don’t know if it is working. Please guide on how to...
  4. B

    How much would you pay for a Sager NP9150?

    Hello! I'm not quite sure what thread this should go into, so I'm posting it here. I just wanted a pricecheck for a 1.5 year old Sager NP9150. It's like-new, with a few scratches around the DVI port. I'm planning on selling it locally, I wanted to know what was a good asking price. Anyway, down...