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    What is the CPC socket?

    On my toshiba laptop there is a litte metal switch (tunable by screwdriver flat-head) on the the plastic square thing that has the amd cpu mounted on it, it can be turned to open(with an unlock symbol by it) and close (with a lock symbol by it) or anywhere in between. what is this? and what...
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    Google play not working...Help?

    hi guys i recently bought a new smartphone Yusun t22 i know guys its a low budget phone but ... that's the only thing i could afford in my situation and budged so please.:/ so i tried to install latest version of google play and when i try to open it, it asks for a account sign in i click yes...
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    WMP iTunes Problem

    Windows Media Player when opened gets hung on the loading circle, but plays media if the specific file is opened. The interface/controls are frozen in that scenario. Both times, the process must be killed to close. iTunes does not open at all, no error messages. The process (itunes.exe) is...