Aug 7, 2013
Windows Media Player when opened gets hung on the loading circle, but plays media if the specific file is opened. The interface/controls are frozen in that scenario. Both times, the process must be killed to close. iTunes does not open at all, no error messages. The process (itunes.exe) is visible in task manager, but stays open if ended. VLC seems to work fine, leading me to believe it is not all media players. I have tried reinstalling/repairing both QuickTime and iTunes to no avail.

A problem that seems to be recurring off and on is that AVG 2013 Free gives me an error saying not fully protected, and the option to fix it. This brings up a permission message to which I press okay, and it does not fix anything. The error is Resident Shield Component is not active. Fixing it brings up the error Could Not Finish Automatic State Repair.

I attempted to scan my registry using CCleaner but this gets hung up on 32% every time and results in freezing.

I now also have experienced an issue with Windows where new/changed/deleted files can only be seen when Explorer or the desktop is refreshed.