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  1. Nighty_z

    Question When i alt+tab, theres a weird blued out tab called "Worker Process".

    Okay.. so this started happening to me about 5 days ago. I noticed it yesterday. When i alt tabbed, a weird blued out tab was visible, called "Worker Process". When i took a screen shot to inspect it, it looked like some scam ad.I have uninstalled every program im not using,dont remember...
  2. JohnTHDW

    Is this a virus? what is this misterious process called ZacbAvxi.dat?

    Hello, a few days ago I noticed this folder called " ZacbAvxi" , see attached pic, I deleted the folder and killed the running process running msconfig and stopping this suspicious process. ZacbAvxi.dat. What do you think is that? it seems it was loading every time I restarted the computer...
  3. G

    WMP iTunes Problem

    Windows Media Player when opened gets hung on the loading circle, but plays media if the specific file is opened. The interface/controls are frozen in that scenario. Both times, the process must be killed to close. iTunes does not open at all, no error messages. The process (itunes.exe) is...