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  1. P

    Subwoofer doesn't work on Desktop Applications?

    Hello everyone, I have been searching everywhere to solve this problem that I have with my subwoofer. It works perfectly on any browser based application (such as YouTube) as well as all of my games. However, if I try to listen to music on programs like Windows Media Player, iTunes, Spotify, or...
  2. ZenShredder

    HD Video Being Compressed & Causing Artifacts

    Hello, so recently I did a clean install on my laptop of Windows 8.1 onto a WD Black 2 drive. After finally getting everything set up and good to go, I've ran into a major issue that I've never had problems with and have no idea where to begin on fixing. Before I jump into this, here's my specs...
  3. W

    I want a graphic equalizer that is NOT part of another sound player

    My new Windows 7 machine (HP Pavilion 1380t) has good-enough sound quality but NO graphic EQ (I don't know whether this was a choice by Microsoft or by HP). Seems like every Windows machine I've ever owned had one (I believe part of the software that accompanied the sound driver). I've looked...
  4. G

    WMP iTunes Problem

    Windows Media Player when opened gets hung on the loading circle, but plays media if the specific file is opened. The interface/controls are frozen in that scenario. Both times, the process must be killed to close. iTunes does not open at all, no error messages. The process (itunes.exe) is...