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  1. Yishai

    Question Bios Jumper Toshiba Satellite L50-b 27n

    Hi! My laptop (Toshiba satellite L50-B-27N) screen stuck on “Secondery display only” and the bios need a clock calibration, so I can’t see anything. Tried to swap the hard drive, and boot without. So I’m looking for the bios reset jumper (see photo) already read the topic here about where to...
  2. R

    Question Can I replace my CMOS battery CR2320 with a CR2032 or can this harm the notebook?

    My CMOS/RTC battery in my HP notebook is down, and it's a rather rare CR2320 with wires. Ordering this item takes 2 weeks. Instead, I could order a CR2032 with wires within 2 days. When both are 3 Volt and the CR2032 fits into the case just fine, is this okay to do or can it harm the notebook?
  3. X

    Laptop can`t load BIOS

    Recentrly was playing with bios, added custom boot option on my ASUS K56CM to Clover bootloader. Now ASUS logo wont show up, screen is black, can`t do anything. Power light is green, laptop cooling is working. Dismounted laptop HDD and SSD. Tried to unplug CMOS battery, but i unplugged cmos...
  4. K

    Where can I find the cmos battery on my Toshiba Satellite L55

    Where can I find the CMOS battery on the toshiba satellite L55