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  1. guizmopeg

    Solved! Can't properly transfer TV sound to sound system

    I know this problem is as old as the hills, but I still can't manage to find anything precise about my case, even though it seems pretty basic to me. I have a 32" LCD LG TV, model: 32LG60-UA (2008). I also have a Durabrand 5.1 sound system, model: HT-3917 (2007). When it comes to audio out, my...
  2. B

    Coaxial out to aux or subwoofer out to aux

    Hi I've been searching for hours now and i can't find anything. I have 2 JBL flip 3 speakers and I want to run it through my tv to get more surround sound feeling. They each have an aux in but my tv only has a subwoofer out and a coaxial out. I want to know if I plug my speakers into the sub out...
  3. M

    3 RCA analog (5.1 audio) to digital

    Hello, i need help if is it possible to conver 3 RCA jacks (5.1 audio) to digital spdif (coaxial/optical)output. The point is that I have ROCCAT Kave xtd 5.1 digital headphones with real 5.1 sound card but it has onla 3x RCA 3.5mm jack output for 5.1 audio but my home theater receiver have only...
  4. S

    TV doesn't seem to recognise coaxial audio out

    I have an RCA (RLDED4016A-D specifically) that has a coaxial audio out plug, and when I connect a cable to it the TV just keeps on using its built-in speakers. There are no menu options on this thing to speak of that seem to pertain to setting which audio output it's using. I suppose the TV...