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  1. rhyalus

    Solved! Laptop for College with Kensington Lock Slot

    Hello All, I am looking for a good laptop for my daughter who is entering college in the fall. I have read all of the online "best laptops for college" in 2020, but none of them quite hit the mark - especially with one particular requirement I am looking for - a Kensington or Noble lock slot...
  2. Nordstrom

    Question Laptops and College

    Hello! I am going to be starting my undergraduate course at the end of September and I need a good gaming laptop that will keep me going for 3 years. I am looking for something with a reasonable price tag. Thanks for helping me!
  3. S


    I am going into college next year and am in need of a laptop. I've been caught between these two Zenbooks for a while and would like someone's opinion on which one to get (so which one is more worthwhile). In college, I am a science major and am going to be writing fairly often. I also plan to...