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  1. thechangedguy

    Question Which one of these laptops has better display/screen quality?

    I want to buy a gaming laptop. I came across these two laptops with same price. Both have similar features like: Ryzen 7 Octa Core 4800H 16GB RAM 4 GB Graphics 15.6" Display Can anyone tell me which one of these has a better screen/display tho in terms of color accuracy and brightness? HP...
  2. CalvinMenezes

    Macbook Pro 13 or a gaming laptop for Photoshop and programming?

    I need help deciding between a Macbook Pro 13 or a gaming laptop under $1650. I do very little gaming because I don't have much time as a college student. I'll be programming and doing a lot of raw photo editing on Adobe Photoshop. I love rMBP's display because of its color accuracy and it can...