Macbook Pro 13 or a gaming laptop for Photoshop and programming?


May 29, 2016
I need help deciding between a Macbook Pro 13 or a gaming laptop under $1650. I do very little gaming because I don't have much time as a college student. I'll be programming and doing a lot of raw photo editing on Adobe Photoshop. I love rMBP's display because of its color accuracy and it can make editing photos an enjoyable experience. But I feel a gaming laptop of the same price range can perform faster than the Macbook Pro but won't have a screen as good (Full HD and not 2560x1600). I want to have Photoshop run smoothly without lag while handling many layers (around 4-8).

What's a better option? Regular Photoshop work and programming on:

Retina Macbook Pro 13
15" Full HD Gaming laptop with discrete graphics?

(Screen size doesn't matter to me)