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  1. A

    sd just stop work soveld

    my sd card just stop work this mourning . i insert it through card reader to my pc and it pop-up . and the window explorare say formart but when i try to formart it say insert sd card . i try to use command line ( diskpart ) and also do so . please tell me what to do . maybe i should forget...
  2. R

    Lenovo black login screen

    I got this laptop and when I try and boot it up, this black command line looking login screen comes up just after the Lenovo screen. I cant get into the BIOS menu or anything. Please help. I attached a picture of what it looks like. Thanks.
  3. H

    Hacking/Command Line - like Program To Be Used In Short-Film

    Hello, this may be an absurd request but i'm working on a small project with some people where we're trying to create a short film about "hacking". I'm looking for a program that can generate a lot of command lines worth of text,numbers and symbols (doesnt need to make sense... it's just for...
  4. W

    CentOs Install Help #2

    Hey guys, im back, and I tried installing CentOs Everything from a usb stick and got the same result: Heres some of the errors it gave me: Warning: fractured-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts (This is repeated many times) Starting Dracut Emergency Shell Warning: /dev/root does not...
  5. W

    CentOs Install Help

    Hey guys! I am using this article to help me install CentOs: but I am having problems. I downloaded CentOs Minimal from here: . I get to where the install screen is and press enter. It brings me to a command line does...
  6. R

    Installed only command line Linux Debian by MISTAKE

    Hello guys! I have here a nice compaq 6710b from HP that I wanted to recycle with Linux to give it some speed. I managed to install Debian on it, but the problem is that I screwed the installation and Debian is installed in command line ONLY, no graphical interface. I tried to install other...
  7. K

    How to find Opera Browser Command Line

    Probably a dumb question, but where is the Opera command line so I can execute a unix swtich? When opening Opera 25, it opens in a reduced window which it never did before so I want to make if open normally again.
  8. johnbil

    Create an Audio CD Back up to a BIN Image From a Command Line

    Does anyone know of a small freeware utility for creating a BIN image of an Audio CD from a command line?
  9. S

    Shortcut to open a MYOB company file *.myox

    Want to create dektop shortcut open a MYOB company file *.myox. I tried this command "C:\Users\Florence\AppData\Local\Programs\MYOB\MYOB AccountRight 2014.2\Huxley.Application.exe" "C:\Users\Florence\My Documents\MYOB\My AccontsRight Files\companyName.MYOX" but received message error Incorrect...
  10. S

    very time i try to install your free Any DVD from your download, it won't install unless I put it in some sought of command li

    I downloaded your free Any DVD and when I try to install, it won't , and says I can force it by putting in some command line, but I don't know how to find that command. Maybe someone can help me please. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. deadboy619

    About VLC player...........

    Is there any way by VLC plays video playlist automatically on startup i.e. whenever VLC is started,the playlist starts automatically......anything with the use of command line,etc.?
  12. G

    Rdp, connects a specifi user

    Hey, I want to write a c# program that runs a loop 5 times. In that loop there will be the cmd mstsc.exe <user> <password> <starting function> meaning connecting 5 remote sessions and fire up a starting function in each of them as specified. I couldn't see such an option in the mstsc.exe...
  13. G

    PowerShell ISE vs cmd.exe

    The more tasks that you delegate to PowerShell, the greater the chance that you will truly embrace this wonderful command-line technology. PowerShell ISE vs cmd.exe : Read more
  14. V

    WinZip 14.0 command line abilities

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it! I work for a small bank, and I have been told to write a batch file that will grab a selected folder/files, zip them up, encrypt them @256bit AES, password protect the file, and place the final product in a particular location...
  15. P

    Registry Cleaners

    Does anyone out there know of a good registry cleaner that can be run via command line or script? Thanks
  16. M

    How to print doc and html in command line

    Hello All, Is there anyone know how to print doc and html file in command line? thanks. MK
  17. G

    modify white balance on a set of photos.

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I did a set of fotos with a wrong white bal. I want to fix the error, i can fix it with photoshop or gimp photo by photo, but i'm looking for some "command line" solution wich permit me to fix all photos ata a time. I'm trying with...
  18. F

    How to speed up wu's?

    I'm running W2K on a 1G Tbird and have just used the screensaver version. Would the command line version be faster? Would it work with W2K and if so what is the procedure for changing? I am asking this because my laptop at 400M seems almost as fast as my desktop.
  19. S

    Slow Work Units

    I use SETI Spy to monitor performance and recently switched to the command line client and noted it upped my speed significantly. However, I got ahold of two work units on my fastest machine that ran REALLY slow! Normally I run around 140 MegaFlops/sec on that machine, but for these two WU, it...
  20. L

    I must be a f*&$ing moron!

    I must be a f*&$ing moron! I am having trouble configuring my seti command line to work with Setispy and Setidriver. I have read and followed all the instructions at the Setidriver web page (, teamlamchop setidriver guide...