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  1. A

    Code Blocks compile

    Ok, so i downloaded code blocks with MinGW, but when i click build my hello world program, nothing happens. I've set the path, but still, i cant find the .exe anywhere. What do i do?
  2. I

    Laptop for University Software Engineering (800-1k CND)

    Hey guys, My girlfriend is going back to school and she's looking for a new laptop to do her school work on that will last her the four years of her degree. We're really not looking for anything fancy, it should just be able to do the following: - Visual Studio for medium sized projects -...
  3. wiky123

    Please give direct link to download borland c++

    Hi, I'm looking for borland c++'s bit old but I want it for my study.please if any one have link post it.
  4. Sp5297

    C++ Compiler problem

    I am working on turbo c/c++ compiler since long...But never noticed that i cant work in fullscreen mode..actually when i try to work on full screen i loose my mouse pointer and keyboard cursor too...and today i tried to open an exe file directly through the source path...and it showed me an...
  5. A

    turboc2 compiler 64bit

    please provide me a linke to downlode turboc2 compiler for windowes 7 64bit
  6. B

    Stacks: How to remain progress even the compiler is close

  7. tojonegi

    Compress an already compressed pdf file?

    Hello everyone :) I just finished making my portfolio. And it has about 36 pages, so 36 different psd files. I went on to export them all as JPGs at level 6 medium quality. (the cumulative size of all pictures were about 45 mb. Then I used Photoshop again, to compile those pictures in a PDF...
  8. C

    Where can I download Borland C++ compiler ?

    I am using Code Blocks and my programming professor in college wants us to use the borland compiler and i dont know where to get it ?
  9. N

    Create a Tips and Tricks collection

    hello I looking for a software to compile all tips and tricks about fixing Windows or any other softwares I can find on the net. Like Grab the entire HTML page or just the select part. Or write one by myself lol and all this save in a database to be used offline.
  10. M

    .Gif and Photo compiler

    I'm trying to make a short Minecraft intro for youtube and I already animated some text and got a pic of my skin and all the material I need, but I don't know what to use to put the words that are a gif onto a picture and make it into a video clip. Can someone recommend a program for just adding...
  11. S

    Looking for a software to practice c++ programing language in windows 7 64 bit

    please help, code blocks doesnt run the program after typing anything.
  12. S

    Does the software Code Blocks work in Windows 7 64 bit

    i went to their site and downloaded one.but when i try to compile and run nothing there a way to fix this.please help
  13. A

    problem with fortran

    I am having a problem with fortran 77 for windows 8. In the first time that I compiled the code all things worked well. But I don t know why, I tried to compile now and the files in my program not been created. What can I do, please?
  14. Y

    what compiler used in windows and linux for os boot. bcos am programming a new os. i dont now how to convert my coding to asse

    what compiler used in windows and linux for os boot. bcos am programming a new os. i dont now how to convert my coding to asse
  15. J

    help with dev c++

    i have recently decided to try learning some basics of c++ programming using "" tutorials. however when i try to run "hello world!.cpp" in dev c++ it stops executing the file instantly. here is the compile log Compiler: Default compiler Executing g++.exe... g++.exe...
  16. UA67

    Looing for an easy to use c compiler

    Hi, I have decided to learn to program in C. I am looking for a simple and easy to use C compiler. I have tried several, but I have absolutley no idea what I am doing. I have tried Catalina, Cygwin, and Dev-C++ but every time I try to compile and run the basic hello world program, nothing...
  17. J

    need a free c++ compiler for learning

    hi i am looking for a c++ compiler to learn some basic programming i'd prefer a free one. i have tried a couple but am looking for one suited to a complete beginner that is compatible with windows 7 64-bit. any help would be appreciated also download sources would be good but not necessarily...
  18. C

    compile a .vbe into a exe

    How do I compile a .vbe into .exe? I have a .vbs script that contains the password and require it to be secure. Instead of compiling the .vbs into a .exe (less secure), I have compiled the .vbs into a .vbe and now would like to compile it into a .exe Please can someone tell me what tool to use...

    Will you help me interpret this C++ compiler error?

    I'm trying to compile a simple C++ program I downloaded from a website. The compiler is giving me an error but I'm not sure what it means or how to fix it. The compiler output is as follows: Process started >>> In file included from C:\ECHOSIDE\prog\Calc\calc.cpp:1:0...
  20. T

    Codeblocks-10 05mingw-setup exe / c forums

    can someone pls help me with these errors. "experimental project - Release" uses an invalid compiler. Probably the toolchain path within the compiler options is not setup correctly?! Skipping... Nothing to be done. "experimental project - Debug" uses an invalid compiler. Probably the...
  21. G

    I can't compile my CUDA code

    Hello, I've made some code on cuda and I have one single compilation error: " ParalelComplexity.h(14): error: invalid redeclaration of type name "Complexo" (14): here" This is a header file, where I have the class "Complexo". The compiler says that it is redifined, but I've already changed to...
  22. A

    C++ Sudoku program won't compile properly in GCC

    Hi, This is not a schoolwork assignment, I'm just learning/practicing C++. I am making a sudoku program/app/game and so far it's working great (it's a WIP so it doesn't generate the puzzles yet). I am trying to use SFML to make a GUI but was having issues with the VS compiler so I'm switching...
  23. M

    C language 64 bit for windows 7 free download

    i want c software for 64 bit windows 7 system,and i can instale my system
  24. H

    Download c++ compiler for 64 bit windows 7

  25. The Stealthinator

    Best python compiler

    What is the best .py to standalone .exe compiler for python?
  26. G

    Compile .vb into .exe?

    I made a progam in Visual Basic Express 2010, but then I realized I didn't know how to compile it into an .exe file. This is my very first program. I don't know if the Express can compile it. If not, is there a free program out there that will?
  27. logox


    I am planning on learning C++ and am wondering what book to get to learn it ? Also what compiler ?
  28. zerovit

    Help with gcc compiler

    Hi, i'm a total newbie on programming with zero background on it I'm currently studying C language now, my problem is How do i set the gcc directory the default is C:\users\name so i need to put my .c files in that directory, i want it to be in my desktop second problem is cmd...
  29. CDdude55

    Can't get basic C++ program to run.

    Trying to learn C++ and starting by doing the basic Hello World program. But it doesn't run, it's very basic obviously: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main () { cout << "Hello World!"; return 0; } I'm using Code Lite as my IDE and ive trying running with with both the GNU...
  30. F

    C/C++ Compiler for Win7

    Hello, I wanted a compiler for C/C++ that will allow me to include graphics.h. The older versions like Borland and Turbo dont run in full screen mode. I have a newer version of Borland but it doesnt support graphics.h . Plz help.
  31. G

    Mozilla Pitches New Developer Language Rust

    Mozilla has released version 0.1 of its Rust compiler and programming tools. Mozilla Pitches New Developer Language Rust : Read more
  32. C

    Download c++ compiler for 64 bit windows 7

    plz i need c++ compiler for 64 bit (OS) window 7
  33. shuin_exe

    C++ Compiler Free?

    Anyone know a C++ compiler free software? hmm. . .
  34. mactronix

    C++ Text Editer/Compiler

    Hi, My daughter is interested in doing some C++ work, So a friend had a C++ book which they leant her but then she phones me and says C++ is out of date and wont work ? Now my understanding of programing is pretty close to Zero but i was of the opinion that if she typed it right it would...
  35. Cyberbustered

    Help With JAVA

    :bounce: Hi, I'm taring to work on JAVA at home, but I cant compile it. The SciTe additor gives me this message: >javac>The system cannot find the file specified. Please help me to make it work. I heard that the path might be a problem. but i dont know how to change it...
  36. G

    Compiler C 64 bit Win 7 64 bit

    Hello, I'm looking for a good C++ compiler to be an alternative to the microsoft compiler. It should make programs that can run on win 7 64 bit and produce programs that can also run on win 7 64 bit. Which is easiest to use and learn and has good support? Open CL,Direct Compute, CUDA, or other?
  37. A

    Windows 7 and assembler

    Hey guys! I am trying to find a way to program and compile some assembler code in windows 7 64 bit, BUT it seems that the 'debug' command has been removed, and 'tasm, and 'nasm' won't work with a 64 bit version of windows. Anyone have a easy-how-to guide or something on how to do assembler...
  38. sayantan

    C++ compiler for windows 7

    does anyone know where do I get a C++ compiler for windows 7 x64 ??I had turboC++ v4.5 which worked fine with win xp sp2 x86 but this version doesn't work with win7 x64!!I have also changed the compatibly mode to xp for the installer but the compiler won't install at all!!!!So please tell me...
  39. H

    Download Feature May Come to Youtube

    For those of you that like to compile collections of funny or other important videos from the widely popular YouTube service, you could be in for change. Change for the better. Download Feature May Come to Youtube : Read more
  40. tokyotech

    C++ 2D arrays

    I have two questions about arrays. 1) I created an array with [][] and passed it into a function expecting **. I got an error saying: cannot convert parameter 1 from 'gfx::Vec3f [800][600]' to 'gfx::Vec3f **. I thought [][] and ** are the same thing! 2) I tried doing "Vec3f...
  41. S compiler/development platform

    anyone know of a free compiler or development platform. I want to try to learn programming, but don't want to spend $$$ for a compiler.
  42. L


    Can any1 tell me a place where i can download a small Java compiler other than sun site ??
  43. L

    Looking for a good Share/free ware C++ Compiler

    I am just starting out learning C++, and Im looking for a good compiler to use in Win XP Pro and Win 95c. I got some software with a book (Turbo C++ Lite), but It does not want to work on either system, even though it is set up normaly. Im strapped for cash, so I am looking for something that is...