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    Solved! Need help buying laptop for Computer Science

    Hello guys In January I will start studying computer science. And both my future teacher and friend who graduated last year recommended me buying me a good laptop instead of a desktop pc since apparently i won't need the desktop. I have a budget of $1200 max (right now) or up to $1700 with the...
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    Computer Science laptop recommendation

    My current situation is I am going into a Computer Science course, but I do intend on bringing my gaming rig. All I really want out of this laptop is to get through college, I don't believe I'll need an awful lot of power. I plan on loading a lightweight Linux distro on it to speed things up so...
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    Which is the bes for me!

    Hi I am a 1st year computer science student. I want to buy a laptop. I found those two Dell laptops Dell latitude e7450 I5 5300u 5500hd graphics 8gb ram 500gb HDD 14 inch 1080p antiglare display. 1.6kg. And the second is: Dell inspirion 3543 I5 5200u Nvidia 820m + 5500hd graphics 8gb RAM...
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    need help in choosing the right laptop for programming, web design and the like

    need help in choosing the right laptop for programming, web design and the like. i'm a computer science student and i'll also take mechanical engineering in a couple of years. i cant decide which laptop to buy since i know there a lot of laptops that will be coming out in the next months. right...
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    I am majoring in Computer Science and need a laptop for college

    1. What is your budget? $1000-$1300 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 14"-15.6" 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? A mixture of both. I am going to be carrying it around to class, but I'd still...
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    Is the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540 my best choice?

    I need a new laptop/notebook/ultrabook (I don't know) for a computer science study since I don't have one yet. It will not be a replacement for my desktop PC. After a day of searching on the internet the lenovo thinkpad edge e540 (20c6004gmh) seems to be the best for me. But I still want to...
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    Laptop for future computer science student

    i am looking for programming in java and c++ something that is not to expensive but will run these programs with ease(probably should be able to play minecraft to ;)