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  1. kk897

    Question The microphone is working and my Mac detects the device, but won't transfer sound - why?

    The microphone is working (I can hear it through the headphones) and my MacBook Pro detects the device, but no audio is transferred no matter what I do. Where's the catch? I'm using: Marantz MPM-1000 18mm Condenser Microphone Onyx Artist 1.2, 2 in x 2 out USB Audio Interface
  2. N

    Solved! Neweer 700 Loud Interferance

    Hey guys, Just bought the Neweer 700 kit, with the phantom power supply. However, I have been faced with 2 major problems; A loud interference (even after i fully lower the boost) keeps entering the sound and Discord is using the default mic but it sounds much worse in terms of quality. The...
  3. T

    Solved! Bm-800 Condenser Microphone not working.

    I recently bought a condenser microphone and a 48V power supply. I am having trouble figuring out what I'm doing wrong with this set up. I've got the microphone XLR cable going to the power supply, I have the cord that came with the microphone(XLR to the audio jack) plugged into the power supply...
  4. F

    Best Mic Setup for £30

    What the title is really. I'm looking for a FULL mic setup for around the cost of £30. I would prefer a USB mic, as they are much easier to use - just plug and play. Also, a condenser mic is already around £20-30, not including the phantom power that is needed to supply enough voltage (another...