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    How do I limit/cap/lock my audio on my Windows 10 desktop

    So in short, I got a new pair of headphones. Sony MDR 1A if anyone is familiar with them. They are really comfortable and the sound is rather good as well. But they don't seem to have a control volume button on them. So the only way for me to control volume output in my headphones is through my...
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    Audio player software with balance control assignable to keyboard shortcuts

    Can anyone recommend a windows based audio player that supports output via asio that has a balance (left right) control in the application that can be assigned to be adjusted with keyboard shortcuts? (I know I can do it with the windows mixer but for this use I need it in the application)
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    Headphone volume controls

    So my pc has one audio-out which I have split to my speakers and headphones. The speakers have a volume control built in, but my headphones do not have a volume control. I dont like having them always on while using the speakers and reconecting the headphones everytime i want to use them is kind...