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    Solved! Which is better? Converting from HDMI or optical to RCA. Does it matter?

    My TV has optical and HDMI audio out but no RCA and I don't really have the money now to upgrade my reciever. But what I can afford is either HDMI or optical to RCA converter equipment but I want to know which of two might be better before I buy it. Is their a difference? Are they bottlenecked...
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    Solved! Converting audio files to MIDI

    Has anyone any idea how to convert audio files to midi? I tried this audacity program but no luck. I think i need to remove the vocals first and isolate the music. Anyone knows how to do this? (btw sorry if this is the wrong category)
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    Connect Multiple Speakers to an Amplifier?

    I'm looking at buying a set or two of speakers. I'm no audiophile, but I enjoy having lots of sound when I listen to music. I currently have a set of JVC UX - LP5 speakers that works alright, but the display is shot. If I was to buy an amp like this one http:// and get a set of bookshelf...
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    Converting from Avi format

    Hello, I have recently recorded a Garrosh Normal kill from World of Warcraft using Dxtory. It was recorded in 1080p. I have tried converting it to a mp4 format so it can be uploaded onto the youtube however all the applications i have used including movie maker, sony vegas and a variety of other...
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    Converting DELL Latitude CPi A Windows 98 to WIFI

    I have the laptop mentioned in the title. It's not essential that it has WIFI but I was hoping that there is a solution. My current theory on how to do it is: Install this driver...