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  1. houdinii

    Cooler master sf 19??

    anyone tested it yet?? it sounds like a winner up to 20 degrees of cooling on the g73jh and 15 on the graphics but i hear its loud. anyone tested it against the cryo lx though?? thats the compairison iv been looking for man i wish they put usb 2.0 instead of 3.0 in the cooler master to make it...
  2. sanjayk111

    Unlocking 3rd and 4th cores on phenom II x2 545BE

    Hey guys i wanted to know if i could unlock da "disabled cores" on the phenom II x2 545BE My cfg: Phenom II x2 545 BE 3.0ghz Asus m4a78-em/1394 4 gb memory 800mhz 320Hdd CoolerMaster Xtreme Power 600W I had read smwhere dat i would have to update my bios... but wasnt clear about it.. PLease...