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    External gpu + Cooling fan?

    Hey!, I have an old ux31a. I want to play games thats not really going to hit on my igpu. Like Csgo. But it seems like it hits at around 85w at load. I have looked around the web and seems like using integrated gpu can affect cpu heat. And id likr to invest on a cooling fan as well to cool it...
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    cooling pad or external fan? Vent only on side of laptop

    My daughter has a laptop that has a fan on the side, but there are no vents or openings anywhere else. I have never seen a laptop like this before. I am seeing external cooling fans online that hook to the side of the computer and am wondering if this is what she needs. It seems like a...
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    Best cooling pad for Dell E6500

    My Dell latitude E6500 laptop is super hot. [Imgur]( Looking for a good cooling pad. Current room temp is 28 degree celsius. Thanks.
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    Recommended Thermal Compound/Paste and Cooling pad for laptop?

    Hey guys, so yeah I have been experiencing heat issues with my laptop and I need opinions/recommendations for a good thermal compound/paste(I think its paste has been worn off) and a cooling pad. I am planning to buy the Cooler Master EFX1-TG15 Extreme Fusion X1. Is it nice? If you guys have...
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    Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

    I would like a cooling pad Im on no budget I will have a MSI GT70 Dominator Pro 890 i7 17.3 4900MQ Please put your suggestions. Also I would like it (but it doesn't matter) around $10-$45.