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  1. A

    fps capped at 30 with razer cortex.

    i launched minecraft with razer cortex and it capped the fps at 30... my laptop is plugged, in fps is unlimited in minecraft, how do i fix it?
  2. A

    Laptop is suddenly slow after using razor cortex boost

    Yesterday I boosted using razor cortex on my laptop (I've done it before btw) , and now after restarting my computer this morning everything feels slow , from browsing online , to light gaming is very slow. Does anyone know what happened ?
  3. satyamji

    Can I change my OS from Android to Windows 8 ???

    My Phone Specs.... Android Lollipop Chipset Mediatek MT6582M CPU Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 GPU Mali-400MP2 MEMORY 12 GB RAM 1 GB When I tried using Change my softwre 8 edition it gave an error:??: Here Is ThePic [] Please Help Me Thnx In Advance :)
  4. E

    Why does razer cortex only launch when I'm on the administrator profile?

    I installed razer cortex and the only way i can launch it is if I log on to my administrator profile. Even if I launch it by running it as the admin it wont launch. I am looking for a reason why this is happening and how I can launch it from all my computer profiles.
  5. R

    Does razer cortex need game booster pre installed?

    I just downloaded razer cortex and it has razer game booster intergrated With it. I already had game boooster so i'm wondering if i can uninstall razer game booster, and use the game booster that's intergrated into razer cortex, ot do i need the standalone razer game booster for the game booster...
  6. eforty

    Cortex v/s Krait: Difference between

    Specially Quadcore ones for mobiles and which one is best. How to understand. If possible please, which device has under 25K INR or 400$ Thanks!
  7. dave500

    HELP to choose - EBAY-Chinese Tablet-

    Hello. Please help me . I want to buy a new tablet for my son . Max £70. I already select 3 tablet ,but i dont know which one is the better and why .He's need GPS function,because some games requied GPS. My first choice - £48-A20 Cortex A7 Dual 1.2GHZ The Second - £68-Freelander - MTK8312...
  8. SoumyaHD

    1.5 GHz Cortex-A7 Quad Core Processor vs 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual Core Processor

    Which one is the fastest and most stable ??
  9. R

    single core cortex a9 vs quad core cortex a5

    i want to buy a phone and i am confused which processor will have a better battery consumption..i am trying to choose between a lenovo a706 and a LG E450 Optimus L5 II Series 2... i am only into texting, calling, some picture taking and music playing..a
  10. A

    cortex A7 quad vs cortex A9 quad vs Dual core Krait

    With Motorola releasing the Moto G, I'm wondering which would be more powerful as far the CPU goes : the Moto G with its 1.2GHz quad core cortex A7, the older HTC One X with its 1.5GHz quad core cortex A9, or the dual core Krait phones like the Xperia L or the older HTC One S.. This is just a...
  11. T

    Cracked Screen On A Tablet

    Hey there, i have got a 8" MID816 S5PV210 CORTEX A8 but the problem is, i have managed to crack the screen it still works just some areas of the touch screen dont work but isthere any way to replace this i have had a quick look around but cant find no where that sells replacement screens for...
  12. exfileme

    Tape Out of Multi-Core 20nm ARM Design Revealed

    ARM partners now have the foundation to create 20-nm Cortex-A15-based SoCs. Tape Out of Multi-Core 20nm ARM Design Revealed : Read more
  13. exfileme

    Panasonic Using ARM Cortex-A9 in Smart TV SoC

    Both ARM and Panasonic revealed that the new UniPhier MN2WS0220 SoC for smart TVs will feature a dual-core Cortex-A9 MPCore design, a 3D graphics engine and other surprising features. Panasonic Using ARM Cortex-A9 in Smart TV SoC : Read more
  14. exfileme

    ARM Predicts First Cortex-A15 Devices Late 2012

    The Cortex-15 architecture is expected to launch late 2012 or early 2013. ARM Predicts First Cortex-A15 Devices Late 2012 : Read more
  15. exfileme

    iPhone 4G in June with Cortex A8, More RAM

    The iPhone 4G is expected to launch next month, with Foxconn sending out an initial shipment of 4.5 million units. iPhone 4G in June with Cortex A8, More RAM : Read more