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  1. R

    Lightning damaging HDMI

    First off, my apologies for the long post, but the details are necessary to fully explain my issue. I have been having an ongoing issue with the HDMI connection from my Cox Communications (Contour) cable box during thunderstorms. When there is lightning in the area I freguently end up with...
  2. CraigDMA

    Do I actually have an Alureon / TDSS Virus?

    I got this message twice now from my ISP: Cox has identified that one or more of the computers in your home may be infected with the Alureon / TDSS Virus. It's a legit email but I'm wondering how they think I have this virus? I use a VPN sometimes and I'm thinking that it's what they might see...
  3. T

    Wired and Wireless No Good

    A W520, Lenovo Thinkpad, Windows 7 64-bit. It has been working until yesterday, the first day at southern California: - Cox provided a NETGEAR modem/router, has dual band for WIFI, say Band1 and Band2 - Tried both bands are "Windows are unable to connecto xxx", or show as "Connected" in WIFI...
  4. K

    Magnavox MDR513H/F7 with Cox mini digital box

    I installed the Cox mini digital box a couple of weeks ago as part of their all digital conversion. I have been trying off an on every since to connect my Magnavox DVR without any success. I am pretty sure I have it connected correctly as I am able to connect a Sony DVD?VHS combo and it works...