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  1. L

    Laptop is stuck in boot, Help!

    Help, 2 weeks ago i went into the msconfig and checked off " No gui boot " and disabled some services including a few dell ones. Once i reset my laptop, it was stuck in boot. My laptops screen is cracked and ive tried all I can to connect it to my tv but it just wont work. My laptops model is A...
  2. D

    I cracked my laptop screen, touchscreen doesn't work now!! PLEASE HELP

    I have an Acer Aspire, Intel HD 4000 graphics, i accidentally cracked my screen and now my touchscreen doesn't work. Help would be appreciated.
  3. F

    Shattered Galaxy tablet display: Toxic?

    I shattered the glass screen of my samsung galaxy tablet. Still works fine. Is the glass screen separatw from the LCD or LED component, or the touch panel component? Have these parts been breached or just the glass? Someone please explain to me how these things fit together. Most important, if...
  4. E

    Asus with broken screen suddenly wont connect with external monitor?

    I have an asus laptop that took a tumble off my bed and the screen cracked. I hooked it up to an external monitor and it connected right away. I had been using it like that for a couple months when all of a sudden, when I booted up my laptop, it wouldn't connect to the monitor. I've tried...
  5. C

    Broken laptop screen, can't access BiOS on boot.

    I have an Asus Eee PC Netbook with a broken screen. I want to access the BiOS screen, or more importantly the System Restore screen on boot up as I want to restore the Netbook to factory defaults as if I just bought it, but I can't see any screen on my LCD TV until it gets to the Windows login...
  6. alannm37

    Cracked Screen Help - Looking For Replacement

    Hi There, I cracked my screen on my Motorola Moto G about a month ago, reason why I'm not fixing it until now is because I can still use it fine but I am tired of looking at the bottom of my screen being all cracked. So I'm looking for a screen replacement on Amazon/Ebay and am very unsure of...
  7. L

    Samsung GS3 Screen Replacement Yes or No

    My phone fell off my desk today and it cracked in the corner (my first crack). My first reaction was to want to replace the screen, and I have been looking at YouTube and a couple other sites that detail the replacement process. But, there seems like a lot of ways to further damage your phone...