Samsung GS3 Screen Replacement Yes or No


Jan 1, 2013
My phone fell off my desk today and it cracked in the corner (my first crack). My first reaction was to want to replace the screen, and I have been looking at YouTube and a couple other sites that detail the replacement process. But, there seems like a lot of ways to further damage your phone. There are a few single cracks that extend across the screen, but they don't really bother my that much (the main cracking is actually off the lcd). I like the aesthetic of the gs3, but is it likely to hurt the phone if you replace the screen? If it is i will wait my 6 months for my upgrade and just deal.
Thanks for responses.


replacing a screen can be a pain. i broke a few tiny cables a couple of times taking phones apart. depends on what a screen cost vs how much it bugs you vs how confident you feel doing it vs you have all the right little screwdrivers and tools to do it.
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