Solved! ASUS ROG GL703GE Screen Help (Replaced - Not Working)

Oct 20, 2020
I have a ASUS ROG GL703GE laptop. About a year ago I was being dropped off at the airport and I had my laptop in a carrying case in the back of my Jeep. When I opened the rear hatch, the laptop case slid out and dropped on the corner of the bag. When I got into the airport and fired up the laptop, I realized the screen was cracked internally. At the time I was able to see half of the screen (shattered appearance) and the rest was blank.

I found an exact replacement screen (40-pin) and installed it. After installing the first screen, it was black. I shined a light into the screen, which showed a faint image, which led me to believe that maybe I had received a faulty screen. I replaced that screen and again, the screen was black, but I had a very faint image when a light was placed close to the screen. With the same issue over and over with different screens, it leads me to believe that it is not the backlight that is the issue, but something else.

I gave up on it because I had too much work to do and bought an external monitor via HDMI, which I still use without issue.

I recently purchased another replacement screen in the hopes that I could get the laptop back into a laptop instead of a desktop. Same issue.

I have wondered if the video cable from the motherboard to the back of the screen may be bad, but I have had no luck in finding a replacement one.

Any help is appreciated and I will answer any questions to the best of my knowledge.
The backlight is not working. That's why you can shine a light and see a faint image. The backlight is part of the LCD panel and is driven by electronics inside the laptop. I suspect you damaged something related to the backlight driver when it was dropped.

Are you using static electricity (ESD) precautions when mucking around inside your laptop? If not, you can blow parts and not know it (or feel a shock).
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