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  1. BryGuySaysHi

    Lenovo Ideapad Y700 - BSOD after launching Adobe Apps/Intensive Games

    Here are my Specs: Windows 10 Home Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60Ghz 16 GB Ram GTX 960m Samsung 850 Evo 500 GB SSD 1TB 5400 HDD BSOD states: Driver Power State Failure I've updated my drivers and I've also done a fresh install. Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 will start up, but then...
  2. S

    Best Laptop for Adobe Creative Cloud

    Hello everyone, While searching for a new video editing laptop I came across countless lists and posts, but none of these responded to my needs. My impression is that the laptops listed are good for running Premiere while no other computer-intensive program is running. but I don't plan to just...