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    Solved! Adobe Photoshop CS6 won't complete installation

    I've had Photoshop CS6 on my laptop (Windows 10) for about two years. Worked great. I now have a new laptop (Windows 10 also) and cannot install Ps CS6 on this new one. Photoshop is the app I use most, so this is important. I just got an Asus ROG gaming computer because it has lots of power for...
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    adobe premiere pro cs6 problems

    so for some reason everytime i try to add a video to the timeline it automatically zooms in alot. my zoom is at 100% so i dont really know whats wrong
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    Why can't I use my CUDA in the "renderer" menu in while creating a project in Adobe premiere pro cs6?

    i have a GTX 770 4GB graphics card, it's a new card so nothing should be wrong with it, and i have the latest driver downloaded through nVidia experience, so i must be able to choose the " Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)" option, but the menu is greyed out, i can't even click it...
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    Problems with video files and editing softwares

    I have a bunch of recorded files that are either in a .mp4 or a .ts file that I've been recording to use for the past few months. All of them were recorded with Avermedia's Live Gamer HD. For the .mp4 files, I can view them back perfectly in sync in Media Player Classic, Quicktime, and Windows...
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    After Effects Cs6- Crash in progress Last logged message was....

    Hi all! I have recently installed the lastest version of after effects cs6 onto my new pc with fresh install of windows 7. When i come to launch it I get the error- Now this error persists every time and is followed up by this error message-...