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    Solved! laptop that runs csgo

    hey! im looking for a laptop that runs csgo decently, Im not expecting more than it runs at least 50fps on medium to high settings. I won't play many more games and thats the only use im going to give it so I only care about it running good the game. my budget is $700, but since I won't use it...
  2. L

    Can't multitask on acer aspire e15

    I've always played games on my laptop yet recently it has started to have issues when I am playing a game and using voicechat simultaneously. If I am in a discord call or using steam party chat while playing a game I will get massive frame drops as well as constant stuttering. i never used to...
  3. M

    Can this laptop run PUBG Gmod and CSGO in atleast 60fps

    Im about to get this laptop. What do you think? I only do gaming... My specs Intel i5 8gb ram 2 or 3gb gpu I dont care much about the graphics ingame so i can play on low Sorry for English Also in which resulution i can run pubg?
  4. D

    Is there a gaming mouse software for R8 Model: 1613 it says here uts from China

    Is there a program that can change the buttons and DPI of the mouse for the R8 model 1613 mouse?
  5. S

    Gaming laptop having low fps on CSGO (Asus ROG GL552JX-DM536D)

    Last week i didn't have any problem playing csgo with my 150-175 fps on my CSGO but out of nowhere my fps dropped to 80-100 and having hard time to play in 80-100 fps i tried ti reinstall my windows and it is still like that 80-110 now RIG : I7-4750 HQ @2.00Ghz GTX 950M 4GB RAM 8GB Windows Home...
  6. A

    Looking for computer for counter strike global offensive

    Hey toms hardware people, I have divorced parents and i am not out of the house yet...I keep my gaming pc at my dads house because his house has fast internet and that cool stuff, but since i have to go back and fourth i cant really bring my desktop due to the size. What kind of laptop/intel...
  7. A

    DT 770's for gaming

    I am currently deciding between the K550 and the DT 770's. They'd mainly come for CS:GO atm. I have heard the k550's are great for csgo, but have very little bass whereas some say dt 770's are good and some say they are bad for csgo, but have great bass. I used to have cloud 2's, but their bass...
  8. B

    FPS Permanent Drop after playing for about 10 mins.

    Starting off, I have a Lenovo T420, i know it's not very good for gaming so no need to say so. You can search for the specs online, except some have nvidia optimus, which i dont and i only have the integrated hd graphics (yes i do know it's pretty bad.) i played on a Dell Latitude E6420 with...
  9. C

    What Headphones can you reccomend?

    What budget £150 (flexible) Headphones can you recommend for my setup? I am looking for headphone to be used for music and gaming. I play games such as csgo etc so sound is a big factor. I am however not looking for headphones that do not come with a mic. I am looking to buy my mic separately...
  10. M

    hi lenovo y700 or the msi cx62 thx

    i want the decision http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lenovo-15-6-laptop-amd-fx-series-8gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-black/4577800.p?id=1219774252427 or http://www.bestbuy.com/site/msi-cx62-6qd-15-6-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-1tb-hard-drive-black/4968036.p?id=bb4968036&skuId=4968036
  11. Ryan_81

    Not being able to Dedicate VRAM

    Hello everybody, Before I say anything else let me state something (Integrated graphics use RAM as VRAM) With that being said depending on your Integrated Graphics you can dedicate X amount of physical memory to VRAM. In my case I can dedicate 1760 mbs. I only have 128mbs dedicated. No matter...
  12. N

    $200 laptop for Minecraft, gmod, csgo, tf2, smite, etc.

    I would like to know a $200 laptop for light gaming on low settings. I honestly don't care about graphics, just fps. The laptop can also be used or refurbished, just as long as it can play light games like Minecraft, valve games, smite and league of legends, while meeting the price point.
  13. P

    CPU goes up to 55 when i play a game!

    Hi! when i start my csgo counter strike global offensive, then my cpu goes up to 55% and its have never done that before and itsa annoying can you help me to fix it?
  14. B

    Got a new PC and only can get mono sound on headset, not stereo. (More info in thread).

    So I got a new PC with the ASROCK z97 pro4 motherboard and I have Steel Series Siberia Pro V2 Headset no usb and I cant get stereo left - right sound anymore in game, just mono / mixed sound. I have tried using the realtek sound drivers from asrocks website and have tried back green jack and...
  15. L

    Good Laptop For Streaming Netflix And CS:GO/Minecraft

    Hi i'm just going to make this short, sweet and simple. I'm looking for a laptop that can play minecraft at around 100fps, stream Netflix, download movies, play movies and obviously has a hdmi or mini hdmi or any sort of port that i can connect it up to my tv. My budget is £400 max. Please...
  16. K

    CSGO Low FPS with pretty decent PC

    Before I got like 200fps, and sometimes over 300, depends on the map, but now I barely get over 130. I have a 144hz monitor so there is a difference, I have all settings on low/very low and I only get up to 140-150fps. I have tried somethingthat Unparks my cores but didn't really notice any...
  17. R

    New Sound Card for Tiamat 7.1 or New Headphones??

    I currently own the Asus Xonar DS sound card and the 7.1 on my Razer Tiamat sounds weird and echos a lot. I am not sure if that is just my sound card or just the true 7.1 surround sound, the stereo mode works fine and the quality is very good. Instead i was thinking about buying new closed...
  18. C

    500 dollar budget laptop

    Im trying to find a budget laptop that can run CS:GO smoothly for around 500 dollars. I don't need a beefy computer to run triple AAA games as i use my xbox one for Triple A gaming. Thanks in advance
  19. C

    Will this laptop run csgo at a steady 60fps

    Will this Laptop run cs:go at a steady 60+ fps if not can anyone recommend me a laptop around 500 dollars that can Specs Graphics Card: Radeon HD 8280 1.3ghz Ram: 4gb Processor: E2-3800 Quad-core Laptop...
  20. K

    HyperX Cloud II 7.1

    Every time I turn on my PC I always have to turn on my 7.1 on the USB. It turns off by itself when I turn my PC and its kind of getting annoying. Does anybody else have to turn it one every time you turn on the computer? Is my headset defective?
  21. T

    Laptop for csgo

    I have a desktop that I play csgo on currently. I play on all low settings at 720p at 300 fps. I am now looking for a laptop that can give me the same kind of performance for as cheap as possible. I have no preference on the company who makes the laptop or what is inside, as long at it run...
  22. R

    Laptop + External monitor = how many Hz should i expect?

    Hey guys! As I'm looking to buy a external monitor, because I'm exhausted from my 15,6" 59.5Hz monitor on my laptop. Here's some specs: Laptop: Asus N56VZ GPU: Nvidia GT650M Connectivity: VGA, HDMI Monitor: BenQ XL2411T Spec: http://gaming.benq.com/gaming-monitor/xl2411z/specification/#skip...
  23. R

    Laptop + External monitor = how many Hz?

    Hey guys! As I'm looking to buy a external monitor, because I'm exhausted from my 15,6" 59.5Hz monitor on my laptop. Here's some specs: Laptop: Asus N56VZ GPU: Nvidia GT650M Connectivity: VGA, HDMI Monitor: BenQ XL2411T Spec: http://gaming.benq.com/gaming-monitor/xl2411z/specification/#skip...
  24. C

    Is this pc good for cs go?

  25. I

    I need help with chosing a laptop

    Hey guys, I'm deciding whether should I buy this laptop or not, I am unsure what performance will I get in CSGO and Dota 2 mainly. I'll be playing on lowest graphical settings on 1366 x 768. The specifications are following, the laptop is Dell Inspirion 3542: CPU: Intel® Core™ i3-4005U...
  26. R

    If i hook my computer up to a 1920x1080 144hz and have low settings on csgo can i still get over 120 fps if I have a quad core

    Look above, please provide as accurate answers as you can, thanks you
  27. Dean Colerridge

    Looking for a new headset

    Currently i have Siberia V2 frost but i was looking at HyperX Cloud, G430, G930 What are good headphones for under 100? I mainly play csgo and that's about it. I can buy the razer surround software. What is the best headset to buy for under 100?
  28. S

    Gaming laptop on a budget! (=

    I am looking into buying a laptop for under $1500 that I would mainly use for gaming. I would play games like CSGO, BF4, titan fall and a couple others. I need back lit keys, a 1 terabyte hard drive , and a optical drive. I have little experience when it comes to laptops so any help is great. I...