Got a new PC and only can get mono sound on headset, not stereo. (More info in thread).


Feb 4, 2016
So I got a new PC with the ASROCK z97 pro4 motherboard and I have Steel Series Siberia Pro V2 Headset no usb and I cant get stereo left - right sound anymore in game, just mono / mixed sound. I have tried using the realtek sound drivers from asrocks website and have tried back green jack and front green jack and no success. Windows 10 also lists it as speakers in the audio devices and so do the drivers and I have tried to enable sound virtulization in windows audio device but didnt work. I cant find any other reason as to why it wont work properly and its really depressing as I cant play CS:GO so if anyone can suggest some fixes or elaborate that would be great thanks:

Important Info:

OS: Win10
Motherboard: ASROCK z97 Pro4
Headset: Steel Series Siberia Pro 2 NO USB version. Plugged into front green jack.
Ask if you need more. Thanks and hope to get a fix or reply.
You stated that you cannot get "stereo left - right sound anymore". The before was in the original system and not just a recent failure in the new system - correct?

Did you try wiggling the jack a bit to see if stereo cuts in and out. May not have a tight or properly aligned stereo connection. Unlikely to be bad in two ports but try anyway.

Have you tried the headset on another stereo device?

Have you tried another headset on the new PC?

Have you looked inside the case to ensure that all the internal audio connections are correct and tight?