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  1. Rikokoro

    Custom Audio Project In The Works

    Okay, so as my friends computer tech repairman I have been trusted with their laptops, devices, and gadgets multiple times. Usually when there is a hardware issue with some of the tech or the price to repair it is too high they will just go buy something else and leave me with their discarded...
  2. A

    Should I Uninstall Dell Support Assist?

    I recently noticed that I have a "Dell Support Assist" app installed on my machine. My machine was originally a Dell XPS 8700 then I moved the parts to a new case with a new PSU and upgraded the graphics card. Since technically my computer is no longer a Dell, should I uninstall the program...
  3. K

    Has anyone made a custom DIY laptop chassis/case?

    I was wondering if anyone has done a custom laptop chassis here. It is pretty interesting if so. Because I have a thick ass SAGER laptop that I want to disassemble and like transfer the parts inside to a different chassis. Is this possible?
  4. Pankaikz

    Full Water Cooled Entertainment System

    Alright, y'all, I have a few ideas. I figured I might as well go ahead and type them out. Kind of just thinking out loud and sharing what I'm about to do. In my bedroom I have a home theater setup. Only large speakers (Floorstanding JBL's and Klipsch, Paradigm, Bose, and some others). Well...
  5. R

    Looking forward to build a 1000$ laptop

    Hello, I presently have a custom-built tower (which i built getting help here, thank you all) and now I'm looking forward to build myself a custom laptop, because for my managing program in university I'm required to have a laptop. Now I have a budget of 1000$, and I want this computer to run...
  6. Riuse

    Gaming Laptop and where to buy

    For college my family decided to gift me and my brother a laptop each and since I'm somehow the most tech savvy person among them I'm the one tasked with choosing a laptop. However I'm having two issues. My first problem is finding a site that will fit my complex shipping needs. The laptop for...
  7. X

    I'm looking for a Gaming Laptop

    Hey everyone on Tomshardware. I'm looking for a gaming laptop and I don't know what to pick. I want it to have an NVidia GTX 680m and atleast 2.2GHz of Quadcore CPU and 16GB's Ram and atleast a 64 SSD for my operating system and currently, frequent played game with a 750+GB 7200 RPM drive for...
  8. J

    I want to build my own smartphone

    Hello everyone! As you can see from the title of the post I would like to build my own smartphone. I know it sounds kinda crazy but I think it would be cool to do. I'm 13 years old and I have already built myself a computer so I know a great deal of information on computers, components...