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  1. philly.a

    Solved! Is it possible to replace / repair my laptops GPU?

    I bought a custom gaming laptop in 2013 from Cyberpower UK. It lived a good life but around 6 months ago the GPU began failing, BSOD's, failing to boot etc which didnt resolve after driver resets... the laptop is functional only when the GPU device is disabled. I now use a desktop, but for the...
  2. xboy1999

    Looking to buy a Custom Laptop--Help!

    I am looking to buy a custom built Laptop, but I can't seem to find the right company to go with any advice? I've already looked into ORIGIN, AlienWare, Puget, Xotic, MainGear, Falcon-NW(=Northwest), CyberPowerPC, and IronSide-PCs. Out of all of these, IronSide is the cheapest for what I want...
  3. R

    Gaming PC any good?

    Is this a good gaming PC? if not any recommendations for better prebuilt ones at a similar price